Fibox Lempäälä Factory Expansion

Fibox is more than doubling its output in Finland with a new investment program focusing primarily on introducing entirely new and unique solutions that will revolutionize production and capacity at the company’s Lempäälä plant.

Worth more than 3 million euros, the program will enlarge operating premises and invest in equipment and automation. Injection molding capacity has already increased considerably this year, and will more than double after the present round of investment. Enlargement of the plant will begin in October, continuing in stages with a view to full completion in two years.

“Our customers have been concerned about the ability of the supply chain to respond to their increasing requirements. Many of these enterprises play a leading role in generating growth in Finland. This unprecedented investment boost for a business of our size will enable us to guarantee adequate production capacity to accommodate rising demand. Manufacturing at a location near to the customer gives us a shortened supply chain that ensures a faster and more dependable outcome,” explains Fibox Chairman Tapani Niemi.

The new investments in Finland are also a prime example of the Fibox environmental program, which targets a substantially smaller carbon footprint for the company’s end products. The investment will enable a clear reduction in various shipping and freighting volumes.

The investment programalso frees up capacity for more appropriate operations at the company’s plants in China and Poland, particularly in manufacturing of electrical and automation systems. The Fibox plant in Shanghai has already prepared for growth by making an early removal to more spacious premises.

“I am very pleased that these investments will enable us to boost the growth of our customers more effectively both in Finland and internationally. Our in-house manufacturing can also guarantee high quality and reliability of supply abroad without needless risks,” explains Matti Roth, Managing Director, Fibox Tested Systems Oy.