12×10 IPW -HMI Cover Opaque Cover Quarter Turn Winged Handles

Instrument Protection Window

IPW in transparent and opaque covers

Fibox’s Instrument Protection Window, deeper than most HMI covers and UL listed

Product card: IPW AR 1210W

The IPW AR 1210W is a UL listed, NEMA rated non metallic polycarbonate HMI cover enclosure. The IPW AR1210W includes the following:  Opaque hinged cover base with an opaque cover with formed in place PUR gasket. one stainless steel hinge pin and 8 stainless screws for underlying mounting.





Length: Width: Height:
External Inches: 13.46 11.62 3.45
Internal Inches: 10.39 8.43 3.31
External mm: 343.23 296.31 87.98
Internal mm: 264.94 214.97 84.41

Materials: Temperatures:
Material: Polycarbonate Temperature °F (short term): -40 … 284 °F
Base color: RAL 7035 -light grey Temperature °F (continuous): -40 … 175 °F
Cover screws material: Stainless steel Temperature °C (short term): -40 … 140 °C
Cover color: RAL 7035 -light grey Temperature °C (continuous): -40 … 80 °C
Gasket material: Polyurethane

NEMA Class: NEMA 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12, 13
Ingress Protection (EN 60529): IP66/IP67
Impact Resistance (EN 62262): IK07/IK08
Electrical insulation: Totally insulated
Halogen free (DIN/VDE 0472, Part 815): 1
UV resistance: UL 508
Flammability Rating: UL 508
Glow Wire Test (IEC 695-2-1) °C: 960

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The IPW 1210 can easily be customized with cut outs, holes, or recess, in our warehouse and custom labeled or printed before shipping.

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