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The History of Fibox Polycarbonate Enclosures

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Many folks think that Fibox is short for Fiberglass Enclosures or Fiberglass Boxes, it is not.
Fibox Enclosure Systems, a Finnish company division, Fibox Oy Ab, is one of the world’s largest enclosure manufacturers and is the market leader in thermoplastic enclosures used for protecting electrical and electronic components in hostile and hazardous environments. Fibox recently celebrated over 40 years as a designer and manufacturer of thermoplastic enclosures. Formerly a division of the giant Fiskars Corp., Fibox (then called Fiskars Enclosure) pioneered in 1966 the injection molding of polycarbonate for use in the electrical industry. Besides pioneering polycarbonate enclosure products, Fibox has developed more than 17 families of enclosing solutions, all available in a wide range of sizes.


Since leaving the Fiskars’ group in 1991, Fibox Enclosure Systems has expanded manufacturing and added sales and marketing service centers. There are three manufacturing sites located in Finland, one in Korea, and one in Guangzhou, China. Fibox has eight Field Service Centers located in major European countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Fibox Oy Ab earned the ISO 9001:1994 Quality Certification for all its operations in 1992. Fibox voluntarily submits its products for third-party testing and evaluation and currently has many regulatory approvals including, UL, CSA, FIMKO, DNV, and LR, and complies with EN 60529.

In 1997, Fibox Inc. was established to import and market Fibox enclosures in the United States. While the name Fibox was new to the US, our products were not. Fibox enclosures were sold in the United States on a private-label basis to other enclosure manufacturers since the early 1980s.

However, with Fibox products’ acceptance into numerous market segments, like the automation and process control industries, corporate management felt the time was right to establish the US subsidiary and move beyond the traditional electrical wholesaling industry. Fibox Inc. was born.

Understanding the US’s market needs, Fibox offers UL listed NEMA type 4, 4X, and 6P enclosures and has consistently pushed the envelope on large polycarbonate enclosures. Only Fibox offers a polycarbonate cabinet enclosure sized up to 32 x 24 x 12 inches with the ARCA – IEC.

Please take a moment to view or download Fibox’s Overview 7.1.

Polycarbonate Enclosures

The Fibox enclosure range features over 1000 different standard enclosures made of polycarbonate, ABS, and fiberglass. Fibox is the industry leader in developing both new products and new technologies for molding thermoplastic enclosures. At Fibox, we consider molding technology an essential part of product development.

For example, the new Fibox MNX enclosure is the first to utilize direct injection of the enclosure gasket material during the body molding process. This new process ensures precision molding of the gasket, guaranteeing superior enclosure protection ratings. Fibox is the only manufacturer applying this technology to enclosures.

The state-of-the-art ARCA: JIC product line, the most recent enclosure family brought to market, offers a new era in enclosure technology. Manufactured in the JIC, standard (interior) enclosure sizes, using injection molded polycarbonate, a high-performance plastic, these stylized electrical enclosures offer ease of customization, robustness, superior chemical resistance wide temperature range. With constant enhancements to the product line, including large-sized cabinets, pre-formed knock-outs, more accessories, and mounting options, the ARCA is ideal for the North American markets.


Product development at Fibox also emphasizes multiple slide technology for mold construction. While much more costly, this type of mold provides our OEM customers cost-effective alternatives for modifying standard enclosures to meet their specific needs.

Equally important to our technical leadership is Fibox’s commitment to understanding the needs of its customers. We use input from our global customer base to produce new enclosure ranges, useful accessories, and on-going product improvements and enhancements.

Fibox Inc. is the US subsidiary of Fibox Enclosure Systems. Fibox Inc. is located in Baltimore, Maryland, giving Fibox excellent transportation infrastructure, with the deepwater Port of Baltimore, the rapidly expanding air hub, BWI Airport, and excellent interstate highway connections. The Maryland location is a fully staffed Fibox Service Center charged with the marketing and sales of all Fibox products. We maintain a large warehouse stocked only with Fibox RoHS compliant products. In 2004, Fibox Inc. added full service, enclosure customization capabilities at its Baltimore, MD offices and warehouse.

Since 1997, the Fibox Brand has grown in stature and recognition within the enclosure industry. Fibox Inc. exhibits at major trade shows, advertises in both electronic and print media, and is a frequent editorial contributor to technical industry publications. Fibox is now considered one of the leading US suppliers of hostile environment enclosures and services customers worldwide.

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