ARCA Squared

New Square Sized ARCA – IEC Based upon the overwhelming market response for an affordable alternative to lockable metal cabinets. Fibox expands the ARCA – IEC series with three new sizes: ARCA No-MP303021, (12x12x8 inches) ARCA No-MP404021 (16x16x8 inches), and the ARCA No-MP505021 (20x20x8 inches).     These new sizes offer the same features as the ARCA – […] Continue Reading

How to prevent condensation inside your electrical enclosures?

Preventing condensation inside your NEMA enclosure. When engineering electrical apparatus or systems, an enclosure plays a crucial part. The enclosure is needed to protect valuable electrical components from outside threats and people from equipment threats. This article provides a quick glance and tips on how to prevent condensation inside an electrical enclosure. Condensation is formed […] Continue Reading

Fibox Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

 FIBOX Turns 30! To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we’ve decided that it’s time to give back to our neighbors who have done fantastic work for decades, which is why we’ll donate 1,000 euros every day for 30 days to charitable organizations in our areas during December, constituting a total of 30,000 Euro. Organizations that work […] Continue Reading

Enclosures for Hazardous locations

Hazardous locations require special enclosure consideration From our friends at Control Design By Anna Townshend, managing editor Control Design Nov 02, 2021 A Control Design reader writes: What type of electrical enclosure is best for high humidity and extreme temperature locations, such as near saltwater? Any recommendations on design, materials or other considerations? Enclosures for […] Continue Reading