Enclosures for Cathodic Protection

Enclosures the Corrosion Industry

Cathodic Protection is the technology to stop or prevent the protected metal structure from electrochemical corrosion.  This science in the protection against corrosion used extensively in the oil and gas industry.

Cathodic protection systems are most commonly used to protect steel pipelines, wellhead casings, tanks, steel pier piles, and offshore oil platforms. Buried metallic structures will experience a galvanic reaction with the earth, while above-ground structures are exposed to rain, sleet, snow and, hail, resulting in corrosion while which can lead to costly mechanical failure.

Above or below ground Fibox electrical enclosures offer a high level of protection to ingress of solid objects or water; and make the perfect rust free, corrosion resistant junction boxes for cathodic protection rectifiers, anode bond boxes, test stations, and monitoring systems, offering a superior degree of protection.

Junction Boxes for Cathodic Protection

Junction boxes are used to connect all the different CP equipment, ensuring secure access and easy inspection. Fibox manufactures a variety of unpopulated enclosures and junction boxes in non-conductive, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate.

You can easily add DIN-rail or back panel mounted components. Whether you are creating a simple anode splitter or a sophisticated control and monitoring system, our junction boxes are customizable to your specifications.

Available ratings include UL listed type 4, 4X, & 6P.

When designing your next corrosion detection/ prevention  project a few things to consider; robust, lightweight NEMA 4X/6P polycarbonate offers superior impact resistance than metal or fiberglass.

Fibox’s UV inhibitors prevent the box from drying out, de-laminating and cracking in extended sunlight like fiberglass, while the formed-in-place PUR gasket ensures a dry dust-free watertight environment regardless of how inhospitable your project location is.

With a product size range of 2x2x2 to 32x24x12 inches Fibox has your design needs covered.

Lastly, polycarbonate is WiFi friendly or radio-transparent, making them perfect for wireless telemetry with the added costs of an external antenna.

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