Polycarbonate Enclosures for Wind Power

Polycarbonate Enclosures for Wind Power

The ever increasing demand for clean energy requires a tough enclosure that can withstand high usage in extreme conditions, and not weigh down your design. Therefore, you need a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure that will provide years of worry-free service. Let Fibox make difficult and work with one of the most trusted names in polycarbonate enclosures for wind energy!
In short, Fibox has you covered. As the world leader in UL listed NEMA 4X, non-conductive polycarbonate enclosures. Fibox polycarbonate is a robust, light-weight plastic can withstand a broad temperature range and is Wi-Fi friendly. Fibox Enclosures understands your unique needs and have created a range of NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure solutions for the wind energy industry. Moreover Fibox and even custom tailor your solution.

Wind turbine Applications and the Fibox Solution

1: Enclosure for lightning protection system
2: Junction box for heating system
3: Emergency stop box
4: Control panel pitch system
5: Hand service panel
6: Junction box for nacelle heating system
7: Junction box for off-line filter
8: Junction box for lubrication system yaw drive
9: Junction box hatch control
10: CMS system gearbox
11: Junction box on the gearbox
12: Hand service panel
13: Junction box for slipring
14: Junction box on the hydraulic power pack
15: CMS system generator
16: Junction box on the generator
17: Junction box generator cooling system
18: Emergency stop box
19: Junction box for the ice detection system
20: Junction box for wind measurement system
21: Junction box for aviation system
22: Junction box for rear fan
23: Junction box for converter cooling system
24: Control box for tower lift
25: Hand service panel
26: Junction box light system

Why choose Fibox as your NEMA 4X Box Supplier

Fibox has sound experience in wind energy applications, with innovative personnel the technical expertise you require. Above all, Fibox has an experienced design department to solve your enclosing needs with innovative and cost savings engineering, therefor saving you time and resources!

In addition, to offering complete enclosing solutions for wind turbine electrical applications, Fibox has global reach and local contacts giving you world wide co-operation with regional service, and above all else, efficient logistics to reduce inventories across all continents, in short anyway the wind blows, Fibox is there to help.

Customizing services based on standard NEMA enclosures

Equally important, reduce your costs and increase productivity with Fibox’s CNC Machining for cutting, drilling, and threading. In addition to machining Fibox offers the latest in today’s printing e.g., company logos, operating instructions and symbols, therefore elevating your brand and credibility, with photo quality imagery. Often overlooked, Fibox an can offer you a custom NEMA 4X plastic enclosure in custom colored plastic, and even per-install some components such as cable glands, and connectors. In other words Fibox has you covered, from design to installation, and beyond.

In conclusion let Fibox make difficult easy and offer you a ready made solution right out of the box!

Contact Fibox’s customer service to learn more, or down load our Polycarbonate Enclosures for Wind Turbines brochure.