Fibox Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

 FIBOX Turns 30!

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we’ve decided that it’s time to give back to our neighbors who have done fantastic work for decades, which is why we’ll donate 1,000 euros every day for 30 days to charitable organizations in our areas during December, constituting a total of 30,000 Euro. Organizations that work with some of the most critical matters that are vital for all of us: Children, Animals, and our Environment.

Therefore, we urge you to follow us and stay tuned for the next 30 days and see which organizations we have chosen to donate to support their essential work.

Our CEO and owner, Tapani Niemi, gave an exclusive interview along with his two sons, Jyrki and Anssi, who talked about the history of Fibox and their ambitions for the future.

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