Fibox Recognized as One of the Top 30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2023

Fibox Group: Leveraging high-quality and customer-specific enclosing solutions suitable for extremely challenging environments


“Our slogan is ‘Fibox – enclosing innovations,’ and while innovation in our products is key for us, our products also protect our customers’ innovations.”

Fibox Group, a privately owned Finnish company, is one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in the world and is the market leader in thermoplastic enclosures used for protecting electrical and electronic components operating in hostile environments. Fibox enclosures are manufactured in modern factories located in Finland, Germany, USA, India, China and South Korea. In 1966, the company introduced the first modular enclosures, injection molded from polycarbonate plastic. These enclosures began a new era in electrical panel building, especially for water and waste water applications. Fibox’s dramatic and rapid growth has been fueled by its commitment to continuous product improvement, ongoing product development and deep application knowledge.

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