How to prevent condensation inside your electrical enclosures?

Preventing condensation inside your NEMA enclosure.

When engineering electrical apparatus or systems, an enclosure plays a crucial part. The enclosure is needed to protect valuable electrical components from outside threats and people from equipment threats. This article provides a quick glance and tips on how to prevent condensation inside an electrical enclosure.

Condensation is formed of water droplets that gather on a cold surface when humid air is present. This is especially likely to happen outdoors when moisture and temperature changes are present. Electronics and electrical
components don’t like water and, therefore, moisture near these components means that there is the risk of a malfunction occurring, or even a total failure of the product. Normally, in outdoor conditions, the surface of
any electrical enclosure cools down during the nighttime. In the early morning, the ambient temperature rises more quickly than the temperature inside the enclosure. Surface moisture is able to evaporate from the cold
surfaces when the temperature rises. However, inside electrical enclosure there is always the risk that moisture is not able to evaporate, with the possible result that it may cause long-term moisture-related conditions.

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