Fibox Builds a Better Box

GLEN BURNIE, MD – Fibox Inc. Fibox polycarbonate enclosures recently took part in an independent ISO 4892-2 (accelerated weathering test) study alongside other polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosure materials.

Utilizing a xenon arc lamp Fibox’s enclosure materials were bombarded with high intensity UV light for over 5,000 hours simulating 25 years’ worth of direct sunlight exposure.  The results demonstrated that the Fibox polycarbonate out performed both the fiberglass and other polycarbonate materials in the test.

The Fibox polycarbonate did not delaminate, as Fiberglass did after a few simulated years. The Fibox polycarbonate durability increased, resulting in greater impact resistance as the UV exposure increased. This increased strength coupled with a low color change as the UV exposure progressed only confirmed what many of our clients have related to us, that the enclosure is outliving the internal components.

One telco client for example recently completed swapping out the Generation 1 electronics for their next generation design while maintaining the existing enclosures in the field. This reuse policy saved the client the cost not only on the enclosure and pole mounting accessories, but also saved them the shipping costs of enclosures.

Have confidence that your products will be housed in the most resilient enclosure on the market. Easily allowing updates as you upgrade components throughout the years as your technology advances.

Fibox manufactures and distribute UL listed,  NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosures designed for harsh and hostile environments, including the ARCA- JIC, the ARCA – IEC, CAB and MNX series With solutions ranging in size from 2×2 to 32×24 inches, that are easily modified to your needs in the field, your factory or Fibox’s customization center.