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NEMA 4X Vent Kit


NEMA 4X enclosure ventilation kit

NEMA 4 Vent kit

Maintain your type 4 rating with a NEMA 4 vent kit. These ventilation kits ensure proper ventilation for an electrical enclosure, and allow for needed airflow for critical electronic components housed in your NEMA enclosure.

Fibox’s enclosure ventilation device features a molded in place gasket that ensures a tight seal and eliminates the loose, separate gasket required in older models. This ventilation device can be used with all Fibox and other manufacturers’ enclosures, both metallic and non metallic. The ventilators are made of UL 94 V-0 polycarbonate plastic and are suitable for outdoor use. Protection is rated at IP 44. A fan holder accessory, in combination with a standard fan, is available for applications where electronic equipment must be cooled.

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Order Symbol Size in H x W x D Size mm H x W x D Product Card* (CAD file, dimensional drawing)
Ventilation Devices
MB 10564 II
Ventilation device IP 44, Gasketed, incl. screws
Product Card
MB 10858 II
Grille/filter holder, for MB 10564 II
Product Card
MB 10859 II
Holder for fan, incl. screws
Product Card
MB 10894
Pressure equalizer plug, IP 68, light gray, thread M12 x 1.5
Product Card
MB 10631
Ventilation device IP 33
Product Card
MB 12189
Drain plug (IP 34) 3R
Product Card
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