Case Studies

A Sticky Situation

Client Overview:

An east coast Smart Building Solutions Company offering an affordable facility monitoring and controls platform for the commercial and industrial building market wanted a better solution than fixing stickers on their products.

After a time, their labels would peel, and as they were applied manually, some were slightly off level.

After examining a sample of a Fibox polycarbonate enclosure with the print work, the client recognized the quality and value of the superior Fibox non-metallic enclosure with the Laser Screen Printing printed logo as compared to the cabinet they used previously with a vinyl logo sticker.

Even though the Laser Screen Printing process cost 15 times more compared to a vinyl logo sticker, the overall finish and quality of the printing on the Fibox enclosure was incomparable as it added to the overall quality of their product and was worth the increased costs.




PEMs™ the Facts.

Client Overview:

A leading pioneer in the communication industry was creating a new project and wanted a more polished look to their product.

The Problem: A communication company’s latest solution was designed using a DIN rail as opposed to a back panel. This client has a reputation for being the best and going the extra mile.

Using a DIN rail as opposed to a back panel configuration enabled the client to swap out relays and other components. Although a metal screw provides enough contact for everyday applications, the client wanted to move away from a sheet metal screw to a machine screw due to the constant vibration.

The Fibox Solution: Fibox recommended inserting, a PEM™ into the DIN rail frame giving the solution a more finished looked and provided a grip for the screw to anchor into, providing an extra secure connection to the frame. Fibox added the PEM™s to the DIN rail frames then inserted the frame and DIN rails into the selected enclosures while in our distribution center.

Over the years, Fibox has helped many companies find the right polycarbonate enclosure solution if you have questions regarding how we can help, please

contact Fibox.

Circuit Breaker

Client Overview:

A remote sensing company’s new product was arriving damaged, and they needed a fast solution.

The Problem: A remote sensing company notice about 15% of their newest product modules were not working when they arrived at their destinations, and another 4-6% were failing in their first few weeks in the field. Further examination showed the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) used in the enclosure were cracking and breaking off the back panel mounting pods while being transported.

Their current enclosure provider suggested integrating their PCB into a thicker plastic back panel or metal panel. Changing the panel was not an option for the manufacture, that is when they turned to Fibox.

The Fibox Solution: Fibox’s application engineering department- conducted testing to evaluate the situation and then redesigned the mounting pods to accommodate in the enclosure to support the PCB where the weight was the greatest.

Standing the test of time

Client Overview:

When a leading solar-tracker company, needed an enclosure solution easily integrated into their designs that would stand the test of time in harsh environments without cracking, leaking, or corroding, they turned to Fibox.

Their previous enclosure provider’s product failed after a few years in the field and created an urgent need for a replacement NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure.

Keeping ample stock of non-metallic polycarbonate enclosures, Fibox customized the needed box to their design parameters, and the client began retrofitting the new polycarbonate cabinet.