Flat Cover Design


Enclosure Innovation at its best!

Fibox has done it again! The world famous ARCA non-metallic enclosures are now available with a flat cover design.

This 21st Century update to an industry standard is not your same old same old legacy box.

This revolutionary design gives you more real estate on the cover than our raised cover without sacrificing the robust, sleek design and strength you expect from Fibox Enclosures.

The flat cover ARCA covers are now available in RAL 7035 opaque gray in following sizes

To learn more about the ARCA flat cover design contact Fibox today.

SIZE Cover Type Order Number  Cover Option
 Screw Cover  Hinged Screw Cover Hinged Latched Cover
 8x6x4  AR864FSC  AR864CHFSC  AR864CHFSSL  Opaque Gray
 10x8x3  AR1083FSC  AR1083CHFSC  AR1083CHFSSL  Opaque Gray
 10x8x5  AR1085FSC  AR1085CHFSC  AR1085CHFSSL  Opaque Gray
 12x10x5  AR12105FSC  AR12105CHFSC  AR12105CHFSSL  Opaque Gray
 14x12x6  AR14126FSC  AR14126CHFSC  AR14126CHFSSL  Opaque Gray

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